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Fintech Accelerator F10 has rebranded as Tenity In a Step Toward Global Expansion
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 3 min read

Tenity, formerly known as F10, was founded in 2015 by SIX in Zurich. By 2016, it had become an association with other major corporations. By 2019, the brand firmly established itself in Switzerland, with multiple startups winning awards and prestigious financial institutions joining its ecosystem. Despite the challenges presented by the global pandemic, 2020 saw the company expand to Singapore, launch operations in Spain, and gain independence through a successful funding round and management buy-in in 2022. In the previous year alone, Tenity was able to incubate and accelerate 100 startups, while alumni raised over US$200 million. The company collaborated with top-tier corporate partners and VCs, solidifying its position as a world-class fintech accelerator.

Today, Tenity has expanded its operations from three hubs in three countries to actively running programs out of four hubs in seven countries. It has also launched a dedicated climate fintech incubator in Nordics and the Baltics. 

In early 2023, F10 announced that it would be undergoing a rebrand to reflect its global positioning better and will henceforth be known as Tenity. The company has already initiated changes to its visual identity and website, with renaming being the final step in its rebranding exercise. This change aligns with Tenity’s ambitious goals for 2023 and beyond, as it seeks to establish itself as the most significant and effective global innovation ecosystem that shapes the future of finance and insurance.

Today, we are more.💥 Today, we become Tenity. Over the past 8 years, we’ve gone from a local team in Zurich, to a global team across Europe & Asia. From an incubator, to an innovation ecosystem and investor. From Förrlibuckstrasse 10 (our first HQ) to many different places around the world.

Tenity’s team

The new brand name, Tenity, combines two words, “ten” and “infinity,” signifying the company’s heritage and aspirations. The word “infinity” represents the company’s limitless ambition to grow and expand beyond its current state, while “ten” signifies the ten companies that completed Tenity’s first Prototype-to-Product program (P2), as well as a smooth transition from its former name, F10. The new name also represents the company’s independent and value-driven mindset, a place where innovation and impact are created. It is a space where startups, corporates, and investors collaborate to shape the future of finance and insurance, embodying the notion that innovation works.

Tenity’s successful rebrand demonstrates the potential of portmanteau brand names in rebranding due to global expansion. These names are memorable, unique, globally appealing, versatile, and provide a fresh start for the company’s branding. Connecting such names to the company’s history or values can give a sense of continuity and help reinforce the company’s brand identity. 

Tenity has also made the strategic decision to switch from their old URL extension,, to a new exact brand match domain name, Numbers in domain names can cause confusion because it is often unclear whether they should be written out or presented as numerals, leading to potential misspellings and making it more difficult for users to remember the domain name. is easy to type, ensuring that users can find the company’s website quickly and efficiently.

As the .com extension is widely recognised in the fintech industry as a credible and trustworthy choice for established businesses, this move can increase their brand’s credibility and legitimacy. This transition demonstrates Tenity’s determination to succeed in the competitive global fintech market, and we look forward to seeing their progress.

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