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DroneBase raises $55 Million in Funding and Rebrands as Zeitview to Better Reflect its Mission and Expanded Services
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

DroneBase, a leading provider of advanced inspection software for energy and infrastructure, has recently undergone a significant transformation, securing $55 million in investment and rebranding itself as Zeitview. The rebranding comes with an expansion of the company’s diverse data capture tools, demonstrating Zeitview’s commitment to building on its foundation of market leadership in drone services while adapting to the evolving needs of its customer base.

The Zeitview brand represents the next phase in our company beyond just a name change. It represents our launch into a new and exciting era for our organization and puts forth our value to the market a bit more clear beyond just one of the tools we use such as drones.

Zeitview’s team

According to the statement, the new brand name Zeitview, meaning “time view,” better captures the nature of the company’s services and its mission to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.

The old name, DroneBase, limited the company to drones only, which does not accurately reflect the full scope of their services. It’s common for businesses to rebrand when they have outgrown their name, and Zeitview’s investment in the exact brand match domain has further increased the company’s brand value. One word .com domains project authority and professionalism and are much easier to type, thus improving the user experience.

The ability of a name to be memorable can help brands build stronger relationships with their customers, business partners, and investors. As Zeitview continues to expand its capabilities and market share, the rebranding and domain investment are strategic moves that will enhance the company’s growth and development opportunities.

DroneBase Rebrands as Zeitview

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