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Barcodes Group Rebrands to Levata, Focusing on Elevated Business Transformation
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Barcodes Group, a leader in end-to-end technology solutions, has announced a rebrand to Levata. The rebrand reflects the company’s aim to elevate the potential of its customers by integrating technology, expertise, and service to power modern environments. Levata is the parent company of leading technology providers like Barcodes, Inc., OCR Canada, ID Wholesaler, Digital ID UK, and SLS Solutions. 

We’ve created our new brand, Levata, to give our company one global and unified identity that represents what we strive to bring to our customers and how we’ve evolved our value proposition. At Levata, our purpose is to elevate our customers’ potential to thrive in a world of motion by enabling their business transformation. With this brand, we want to fully amplify our strengths as an international, technology solutions integrator.

Daniel Nettesheim, President & CEO of Levata

The inspiration behind the new name ‘Levata’ comes from the Italian phrase ‘levata del sole’, meaning sunrise, and the English word ‘elevate’. The name aims to capture the company’s ambition to elevate customer experiences through a comprehensive spectrum of capabilities.

The business also switched to the exact brand match domain, This acquisition is a key element of the company’s digital strategy, providing a succinct and memorable online identity. Choosing a one-word .com domain significantly bolsters the company’s online visibility, simplifying access for customers and partners across the globe. This domain choice is particularly important as Levata seeks to expand its reach and influence in the technology sector, underlining its status as a leading force in the industry.

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