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Advcash Rebrands to Streamlining for Global Growth and Enhanced Brand Identity
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Advcash, a leading payment processor, has rebranded to Along with the rebrand, the company moved to new jurisdictions and licences in an effort to streamline and speed up the addition of new products, addressing limitations that may have been imposed by its initial licences in Belize.

The team shared that the previous brand name was outdated and no longer aligned with the company’s progressive and ambitious roadmap. helps you send, receive, spend and exchange wherever you are. Local and international payments, credit cards and digital currencies: lets you easily manage both your own and your team’s finances in the ever-changing world. As we grow both globally and locally, we try to keep things simple, fast and cheap.

Embracing a strategy used by premium domain owners, incorporates its full domain name into its brand identity, similar to well-known sites like,,,,,, and This approach enhances ease of direct access for customers, making the brand more memorable and accessible. Reducing reliance on third-party platforms improves the customer experience and significantly bolsters the brand’s online presence. This method of branding is instrumental in creating a strong, recognisable, and user-friendly online identity.

Advcash Rebrands to

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