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We Asked ChatGPT to Write a Fairytale and a Poem About Domains
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Draw me a sheep

Fairytales are an intrinsic part of growing up, and so of every one of us. You can’t read the quote above and not think of The Little Prince, and the world of wonder it opens up, whatever your age. We hear hundreds of stories, and most definitely have a personal experience with some – be it the ones that scared you, excited you or taught you some lessons you appreciate to this day.

Learning is very much at the heart of every fairytale and so following our mission to help entrepreneurs make better choices when it comes to their brands online, we asked ChatGPT to tell us a story:) Here are the results, we even got a poem!

A Taste of Success: The Importance of Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Global Business

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was an entrepreneur named Jacques. He had a dream of creating the best chocolate shop in all the land. He spent months perfecting his recipes and designing the perfect logo. But when it came to choosing a domain name for his website, Jacques had a problem.

He searched high and low for the perfect domain name, “”, but alas, it was already taken. Jacques was determined to launch his website as soon as possible, so he decided to settle for “” – he was selling chocolate in France after all.

At first, Jacques’s business was doing well, and he was happy with the number of customers he had in his country. However, people loved his chocolate and started asking for more – cakes, candy, nuts, fruit, caramel…As he started to expand his product line, offering more to meet his clients’ needs, he realized that he was limiting his audience to one country and product with his name. He wanted to expand globally, but the country extension on his domain was holding him back.

Jacques also noticed that people would often forget the country extension in his domain name and would end up on a completely unrelated website. He also found that visitors that were not French were not able to refer others to his website, as they would forget the extension in the domain name.

Jacques was confused and couldn’t understand how to fix what is happening. He went to the wise old owl, who was known for his wisdom in the land, to seek advice. The owl listened carefully to Jacques’s problem and said, “My dear Jacques, the extension on your domain name is limiting your audience to one country and the “chocolate” in the name suggests you only offer that. You must invest in a domain name that is open to more products and a wider, global audience.”

Jacques finally realized the error of his ways and decided to invest in the right domain name, “”, that represents his wider range of products and could attract a wider, global audience. And just like that, his business began to flourish globally.

Moral of the story: Don’t be like Jacques, invest in the right domain name for your business, especially if you want to expand globally. The right domain name can make all the difference in reaching a wider audience and growing your business.

Jacques’ Chocolate Folly: A Domain Name Story

There once was a man named Jacques,
who dreamed of making the best chocolates.
He worked hard, day and night,
to make his chocolate shop just right.

But when it came to choosing a domain,
he made a grave mistake, it caused him pain.
“JacquesDelights. com” was the perfect name,
but it was taken, he felt a shame.

He settled for “JacquesChocolate. fr”,
with a country extension, it was a blur.
He thought it was good enough,
but it was limiting his audience, it was tough.

Traffic was low, ads didn’t work,
customers couldn’t find his website, it was a perk.
He went to the wise old owl,
who told him to rebrand, it was a howl.

He changed his name to “JacquesDelights. com”,
and his business began to flourish, it was a boom.

So take heed from Jacques’s tale,
invest in the right domain name and never fail.

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