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VisualWebsiteOptimizer makes its customers' life easier with a rebrand to VWO.COM
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

VisualWebsiteOptimizer is a leader in A/B testing, offering a platform for growing businesses to conduct visitor research, run experiments, and other related services. In 2014 the company launched A/B testing for iOS apps and rebranded as VWO, followed by a domain name upgrade to At that time, VWO had already positioned itself as a well-known leader in the market, so the transition was just a natural step for the company and its growing ambitions.

Starting a business by abbreviating the brand name can be tricky for new companies that have not yet positioned themself well enough, especially if the abbreviation is not memorable and without meaning. In this case, the brand message and values often have to be implemented into a set of initials that would otherwise be meaningless. 

Established companies with long names such as VisualWebsiteOptimizer can use an abbreviation as a rebranding opportunity and still retain customers who enjoyed the former brand while attracting new ones. Abbreviations may be found in some of the world’s most well-known company names, including IBM, NBC, CNN, and many more. These acronyms have lasted the test of time and are strong global brand names today, even though the meanings of the initials have long been forgotten.  

VWO has not only rebranded successfully to a shorter and more memorable brand name but also invested in an exact match premium 3-letter domain name. The main appeal of these naming assets is that they are short yet adaptable and can be used as acronyms for various longer business names. The total number of 3-letter combinations is around 17 000, and all of these .com combinations have already been registered and available only by resell. Considering that there are more than 150 million .com domains currently registered, owning a 3-letter .com domain reflects not only prestige but also a solid investment asset.

How does your brand name match your company vision? What new horizons can a better name open? Get in touch if you feel your brand deserves a better name, we are always happy to help.

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