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Uncovering Authenticity: Navigating the Journey to Business Success with Cassie Watts
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Our guest today is Cassie Watts, a true adventurer who sold her family home and embarked on a seven-month travelling adventure with her children. They practise home education and flexible schooling, and Cassie also helps individuals change their thoughts, mindset and habits.

Meet our guest

Name: Cassie Watts

What they do: Cassie specialises in inner child work for entrepreneurs, building wealth, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome & procrastination, and having hard and open conversations about it all so they can get more leads, clients, and contentment in their success.

Fun fact: Cassie’s love for travel began when she was 16 years old, when her mother and stepfather took her and her family on a six-week road trip across west America in an RV. The experience left a lasting impression on her, as she fondly recalls feeling a sense of freedom and liberation. That trip planted the seed for her lifelong passion for adventure.

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Heal past emotional struggles to prevent them from impacting your current business. Embracing your authentic self and accepting all of who you are can lead to finding your true community and niche, resulting in significant growth for your business. Your unique perspective and experiences can be leveraged to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Cassie Watts

Short overview

In this episode, Cassie shares her intriguing journey of selling her family home to embark on a travelling adventure with her loved ones. We talk about the significance of embracing different possibilities and taking action without limitations. Cassie highlights the impact of travel on her children, including the development of their innate talents, creativity, and resilience. We discuss how Cassie assists entrepreneurs in overcoming self-doubt and self-sabotaging behaviours. Cassie shares her expertise in identifying when someone needs help and what to expect when reaching out to her for support. Don’t miss out Cassie’s exciting plans for the upcoming year, shared at the end of our podcast episode.

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