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The Chartis Group Rebrands as Chartis to Unify its Business Units and Reflect Expanding Expertise in the Healthcare Industry
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

The Chartis Group is a healthcare consulting firm that offers its services to a wide range of clients in the healthcare industry, including providers, payers, health services and technology companies, and investors. With a focus on comprehensive end-to-end transformation, Chartis helps its clients achieve significant progress in the healthcare sector. The company, which has experienced significant growth over the past two decades, currently serves over 600 clients each year.

In order to better serve the healthcare ecosystem and reflect its growing scale, The Chartis Group recently announced that it will rebrand as Chartis in order to unify its various business units under a single brand. This move is intended to showcase the company’s expanding expertise, capabilities, and integration across its various operations.

Shortening our name to Chartis provides simple brand consistency across all of our business units. It is intended to reflect clearly and strongly our singular enterprise goal of helping our clients successfully navigate the ever-evolving complexities of US healthcare.

Ken Graboys, CEO of Chartis

By switching to a shorter name, Chartis has the potential to improve its brand recognition and recall, build stronger equity, and be more flexible and efficient in its branding and marketing efforts. This rebrand can help the company strengthen its brand and more effectively reach and connect with its target audience.

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