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Rebranding to Success: Clarus Commerce Rebrands as ebbo After Acquiring PrizeLogic
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Following the successful acquisition of PrizeLogic in late 2021, Clarus Commerce, a renowned provider of comprehensive loyalty solutions, has rebranded as ebbo. 

The ebbo brand represents the convergence of two industry leaders in the loyalty space: Clarus Commerce and PrizeLogic. Clarus Commerce has been providing innovative, full-service loyalty solutions to help brands engage and reward their best customers since 2001, while PrizeLogic has been powering loyalty, promotions, and rebate programs for top brands in retail, CPG, and travel & hospitality since 2008. 

The newly formed brand ebbo is able to offer its clients an even broader range of expertise and experience in the loyalty industry.

ebbo presents us a remarkable opportunity to invest further in proprietary technology, offer a wider array of services to our clients, bring in fantastic domain expertise and continue to accelerate growth. Our highly experienced teams have a proven track record of delivering innovative, award-winning solutions to the most recognizable brands in the world. ebbo is uniquely positioned to continually grow and take our solutions to the next level and drive value for our clients.

Tyler Haskins, EVP of Marketing, ebbo

When a company acquires another business, the acquiring company may choose to rebrand to integrate the acquired business and present a unified front to the market. This can be especially important if the two companies have very different branding and positioning, as the rebrand can help to create a cohesive brand identity that encompasses both companies.

By carefully considering the needs of its customers and the market, a company can use rebranding as a way to refresh its image and stay competitive after an acquisition. It can also help to establish the company as a strong, unified entity in the market rather than two separate businesses.

A good brand name, like ebbo, should be memorable, unique, easy to pronounce and spell. The company has also invested in the exact brand match domain name  Investing in an exact brand match domain name can greatly benefit a company’s online presence. It can improve brand recognition and credibility, potentially improve search engine rankings, and establish a more professional image. This is especially important for industries that rely on customer loyalty and trust, such as loyalty solutions providers like ebbo. 

When it comes to premium domain names, it’s important to weigh the potential loss in terms of brand recognition and revenue against the cost of the investment. In the long run, a premium domain name can be a valuable asset for your business. Contact us to learn more about our premium domain options and how they can help your business succeed.

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