Rebranding Due to Mispronunciation: The Success Story of Ooni

The transformation of Uuni into Ooni, along with the acquisition of the new domain, serves as an example of the impact a well-thought-out rebranding strategy can have. From changing one letter in the name to acquiring a new domain, every step was aimed at making the brand more accessible and authoritative. The result is a brand that retains its core essence while becoming much more user-friendly, illustrating that sometimes the smallest changes can really make the biggest difference.

Building Bridges Online: Bridgit's Domain Upgrade and Brand Enhancement

With such a thoughtful approach to the brand name, acquiring the exact brand match domain marks a significant achievement for Bridgit, enhancing its brand recognition, online presence, and user experience by securing this domain. This upgrade from demonstrates Bridgit’s commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly platform for workforce planning in the construction industry.

Unveiling the Trainual Journey: Jonathan Ronzio's Insights on Entrepreneurship and Brand Building

Jonathan is a visionary CMO and co-founder at Trainual, a revolutionary platform for seamless team collaboration. He’s also the genius behind BreakBot, a productivity-boosting Google Calendar add-on, and the host of the Apple Podcasts Top 100 show, The Stokecast, celebrating adventure, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

From Adventures to Online Ventures: James Oliver's Story

Our guest for this episode is James Oliver. James is a digital entrepreneur, world explorer, and SEO expert passionate about niche website building, and the proud owner of

Ashley HomeStore Rebrands to Ashley for Modern Appeal and Expanded Market Reach

Ashley HomeStore, a well-known leading furniture and mattress retailer, has changed its name to just Ashley. According to the company, the move aims to maintain relevance among consumers while also appealing to a younger demographic interested in upscale and on-trend look at an affordable price point. 

MindGeek's Bold Rebrand: A Fresh Start for a Leading Adult Entertainment Company

MindGeek – the company behind well-known adult entertainment websites like Pornhub, Brazzers,, Trans Angels, and Nutaku – just announced a a significant transformation by rebranding and changing its overall appearance. 

Milestones Rebrands as Hona, Reflecting Company Evolution and Enhanced Commitment to Customers

Milestones, an application that helps law firms update their clients on their cases, has changed its name to Hona. Along with a new name, the company has closed a $2.1M seed funding round led by Y Combinator, Ludlow Ventures, and Soma Capital.

Redefining Online Visibility: A Conversation with the Founder of

Brett Farmiloe, Founder & CEO of Featured, talks about his brand’s history, how they picked their name, and the role plays in their business. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What did you do before you started Featured? Featured is the fourth company I’ve founded. Previously I led an SEO agency for 10 […]

Nreal Becomes Xreal, Looking to Wider Horizons in its Global Journey

Chinese augmented reality glasses startup Nreal has changed its name to Xreal. The rebrand is a strategic move designed to encapsulate the company’s ambitious expansion plans into the European market and the introduction of its latest products.

July 2023 Funded Startups and Their Domain Name Choices

Out of 466 companies analysed, the overwhelming majority of 319 chose to invest in the .com extension, indicating its continued dominance as the most popular and trusted domain name choice for businesses.

Cliverse Media's All About Cats Transforms into, a Global Hub for Cat Lovers and Care

Cliverse Media has announced a major rebrand of its flagship website, All About Cats, now known as The change is a reflection of the site’s dedication to providing cat enthusiasts with the most in-depth and reliable information on feline care, behaviour, health, products, and much more.

Yogabox Solidifies Market Position with Shift to the Premium Domain

America’s leading yoga studio, Yoga Box, has taken a major step in enhancing its digital footprint, transitioning from to simply

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