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25 Most Successful Startup Accelerators and Their Domain Name Choices
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 9 min read

Introduction to CB Insights

CB Insights is a renowned name in business analytics. The platform provides detailed insights and analytics on various business and market trends. Known for its comprehensive data-driven approach, CB Insights has become a crucial resource for understanding industry dynamics, venture capital trends, and startup ecosystems.

What are Startup Accelerators and Why They Matter

Startup accelerators are specialised programs that support early-stage startups by providing mentorship, resources, and funding, typically in exchange for equity. This support is crucial for startups, helping them navigate the challenging early stages of business development and growth.

Despite a global economic slowdown, startup accelerators remain a lifeline for emerging businesses. Their role in nurturing startup ecosystems remains undisputed, often being the difference between success and failure for many ventures.

Recent Stats and Rankings

According to recent data and analysis by CB Insights, there’s a discernible variance in how accelerators approach their investments. While some focus on backing many startups, others adopt a more selective strategy.

In a comprehensive report, CB Insights ranks the top 25 most successful startup accelerators, basing their analysis on the 2020 investment class. This ranking considers several metrics, including follow-on investments, investment sizes, and portfolio company valuations.



Corporate accelerators like Google, Mastercard, Meta, and Microsoft recorded high rates of $25M+ fundraising, $100M+ valuations, or both among 2020 alumni.

Google is well-known as a significant player in helping startups grow. With its enormous technical and financial resources, Google supports emerging startups and fosters innovation across various industries. The company provides mentorship, strategic guidance, and funding, all of which are crucial to a startup’s success., the philanthropic arm of Google, has recently launched an ambitious $20M generative AI accelerator program, marking a significant investment in the intersection of technology and social good. The program, dubbed Accelerator: Generative AI, is set to fund 21 nonprofits initially, including innovative projects like’s AI-powered student writing tools and the World Bank’s app to democratise development research access. This initiative is a response to the growing recognition of AI’s potential in the nonprofit sector. A PwrdBy survey indicated that 73% of nonprofits see AI aligned with their missions, and 75% believe AI can simplify their operations, particularly in donor categorisation and back-office tasks. 

Generative AI can help social impact teams be more productive, creative and effective in serving their communities.

Annie Lewin, director of global advocacy at, said in a blog post.

Interesting Fact: The story behind Google’s name is a fascinating glimpse into its founders’ vision and sense of humour. The term “Google” is a play on the word “googol,” a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. This name was chosen to signify the immense amount of information that Google’s search engine could handle and organise, a nod to its mission to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and helpful.

Beyond its accelerator role, Google is notable for its extensive portfolio of domain names. Owning a broad domain portfolio is a wise investment that appreciates over time and opens up potential revenue streams through targeted marketing and domain leasing opportunities.


Founded in 1995 by Sean O’Sullivan, SOSV began as a venture capital firm and has since grown into a global force in the startup ecosystem. The name “SOSV” originates from the initials of its founder, Sean O’Sullivan. SOSV specialises in multi-stage investments, particularly in deep tech startups, through its acclaimed programs, IndieBio and HAX. The firm invests in various sectors, including climate technology, health, and consumer products in emerging markets, with notable investments in companies like Opentrons and Perfect Day.

Live on a shoestring until you can get some traction. Just do something amazing without getting financing. Don’t worry about the financing. Do the amazing thing first. If you do something amazing and incredible first, you can find people who will want to back you.

Sean O’Sullivan, CEO of SOSV in RTE’s 2012 series of Dragons Den

Interesting fact: Despite the economic challenges of recent years, SOVS has steadily increased its focus on climate technology startups. As of November 2021, SOSV has supported approximately 150 startups in this field, emphasising its commitment to combating climate change and promoting sustainable innovation, particularly in critical sectors like transportation, supply chain, logistics, and agriculture.

The Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain name helps the company enhance its global visibility and accessibility to startups and investors.


Founded in 2016 in Zurich as a startup incubator, accelerator, and early-stage VC, Tenity has established itself as a prominent force in Fintech, Insurtech, Regtech, and Deeptech. The company, which evolved from an innovation initiative by SIX (Switzerland’s stock exchange) launched in 2014, offers incubation and acceleration programs that connect startups with corporates, experts, mentors, and investors. These programs facilitate both early and late-stage venture investing and collaboration opportunities. With operational hubs in Zurich, Singapore, Madrid, and Tallinn, Tenity has played a significant role in nurturing the growth and development of startups.

Interesting fact: In early 2023, Tenity underwent a significant rebrand, evolving from its original identity as F10 to better reflect its global positioning and expansive vision in the fintech and insurtech sectors.

Tenity’s use of the Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain solidifies the company’s online brand protection, preventing traffic and email leaks and reducing confusion among customers and business partners.


Founded in 2006 in Boulder, Colorado, Techstars has become a prominent pre-seed investor known for providing capital, mentorship, and support to early-stage entrepreneurs. As of January 2024, Techstars has welcomed over 4,100 companies into its accelerator programs, boasting a combined market capitalisation of $106 billion. Operating accelerator programs globally, including in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, Techstars has seen significant expansion since its first program in Boulder in 2007.

Interesting Fact: Techstars pioneered in 2017 by becoming the first U.S. accelerator to establish an office in the UAE, showcasing its commitment to global expansion and support for diverse entrepreneurial ecosystems. This milestone is part of Techstars’ continuous efforts to extend its reach, including launching programs in new regions like Africa in 2022 and partnering with J.P. Morgan to invest $80 million in over 400 companies, focusing on POC entrepreneurs.

Techstars has chosen a domain name that clearly corresponds to their global ambitions and communicates their vision –

Y Combinator

Since its launch in March 2005, Y Combinator (YC), an American technology startup accelerator and venture capital firm, has been instrumental in launching over 4,000 companies. Renowned for its bi-annual selection process, Y Combinator invests $500,000 in each selected company, offering invaluable advice and connections. The accelerator’s program is meticulously designed to guide founders in marketing their products, refining their business models, achieving product/market fit, and scaling their startups into high-growth businesses. This intensive program culminates in “Demo Day,” where startups showcase their business and technology prototypes to potential investors.

Y Combinator operates additional programs and a fund to support startups that have graduated from the main program. These include the Series A Program, YC Post-A Program, and YC Growth Program, focusing on assisting fast-growing YC startups and those raising Series B funding between $20 million and $100 million. This extended support system underscores Y Combinator’s commitment to fostering long-term growth and success in the startups it nurtures, making it a standout in the venture capital and accelerator landscape.

Interesting fact: Y Combinator got its name from a function in the field of computer programming. In programming, a “combinator” is a higher-order function that uses only function application and earlier defined combinators to define a result from its arguments.

Paul Graham, a co-founder of Y Combinator, has often emphasised the importance of having the right domain name, particularly the .com extension, as a critical factor in a startup’s success and public perception. Graham’s insights into domain strategies are based on his vast experience in the startup industry. He believes that lacking a .com domain signals weakness and can make a company seem marginal, especially if it’s not widely recognised. This viewpoint is exemplified in Y Combinator’s own choice of domain name. As Graham recalls, the choice of Y Combinator as a brand name was influenced by its uniqueness and the availability of the Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain

The problem with not having the .com of your name is that it signals weakness. Unless you’re so big that your reputation precedes you, a marginal domain suggests you’re a marginal company.

Paul Graham, Co-founder of Y Combinator


Most companies (20) have chosen the .com extension, reflecting a solid preference for globally recognised and credible domain names.

Further emphasising the importance of digital branding, 16 of the 25 accelerators have invested in Exact Brand Match (EBM) domains, which enhance brand recognition, facilitate memorable and authoritative online identities, and help effectively communicate the brand’s essence.

1 company has a dash in its name. While unique, this choice might present practical challenges. Domains with dashes can be misleading or confusing when typing the address, potentially leading to lost traffic or misdirected emails.

While we make every effort to ensure the data on our site is accurate, complete, and up-to-date, we cannot guarantee its reliability. Our data is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal, financial, or other advice. We strongly recommend that you independently verify any information before relying on it.

A premium domain name is a powerful tool for businesses looking to establish a strong and professional online presence. If you’re ready to upgrade your brand and boost your online presence, contact us for more information on our premium domain name options and how they can help your business succeed.

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