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From Neenah to Indafor: A Rebrand Strategy That Melds Tradition with Innovation
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Neenah Industrial Solutions has rebranded to Indafor, a move reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and collaboration, while stepping out from the legacy of its parent company. 

Indafor manufactures critical components that serve a wide range of markets and applications. These include performance labels and tags, medical packaging, pressure-sensitive tape backings, coated abrasive backings, dispersible technology, wood veneer backings, protective maskings, and custom solutions.

The name Indafor is a creative fusion of ‘industrial’ and ‘fortis,’ the Latin word for strength, signifying the company’s long-standing commitment to robust and innovative industrial solutions. The chosen tagline, “Where it all comes together,” further highlights Indafor’s commitment to advancing partnerships and development across various sectors, like pressure-sensitive tape backings and speciality paper markets.

The Indafor brand better reflects our commitment to placing customers at the centre, linking our rich history with future goals, and using innovation to resolve material challenges. The Indafor brand more accurately reflects our mission to put our customers at the forefront, connect the dots between past experience and future success, and provide innovation as a solution.

Mike Monaghan, Vice President of Sales for Industrials and Release Liners of Indafor

Jackson Pettit, Sr. Director of Marketing for Industrial and Release Liners, shares the excitement of introducing the rebranded Indafor, emphasising that a fresh, modern brand look will now complement the exceptional service and top-tier solutions customers have come to expect.

Indafor has invested in the Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain, enhancing its brand identity and ensuring a more accessible online presence.

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