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SmartyStreets rebrand to Smarty to contribute to its growth and expansion
By Monica Stankova access_time 1 min read

Founded in 2011, SmartyStreets began as intelligent address validation software for the United States. Companies like Microsoft, NASA, Netflix, DHL, and many more use SmartyStreets to process billions of addresses every day.

SmartyStreets shortened its name to to reflect its new direction as a “worldwide location data intelligence.”

Our SmartyStreets name has become too confining for where we’re headed. Our bigger focus is true, worldwide location data intelligence. Our new name Smarty gives us room to grow while staying true to our lightning-fast, insanely reliable, easy to implement, and expertly supported roots.

The new branding also reflects the rapidly growing company’s product list. Initially focused on street data, SmartyStreets seemed a logical fit. Still, a subsequent product release in the fields of geocoding, reverse geocoding, and address autocomplete made the name limiting and restricting.

Many of our products already blurred the line between street and location data. Those extra 7 characters have felt restrictive for a while now and where we’re going, we don’t need streets.

Jonathan Oliver, Founder and CTO of Smarty

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