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Scale AI is a San Francisco-based data-labeling and management company. According to ABI Research, the amount of venture capital invested globally in artificial intelligence was near its high, hitting US$22.3 billion in 2021. The rise in corporate demand for artificial intelligence in recent years has driven growth for startups that help companies prepare data for software tools. Scale AI has raised more than $600 million since its 2016 launch and hit a $7.3 billion valuation last year. This year the company set an eye on one of the most popular and newly growing areas in AI – synthetic data games. Scale announced that they had hired two executives to build out this new division of its business.

We start with real data, just like how lab-grown meat starts from real animal cells, and then grow and iterate and build the product from there.

Alexandr Wang, Founder and CEO of Scale, on TechCrunch

Scale AI launched on the domain name, benefiting from the .ai extension being a part of the company’s brand name. Tech startups have widely adopted the AI domain extension, associated with a popular technology term (Artificial Intelligence) and offering more availability than .com. A domain name that explains the company’s activity is a great way to get noticed by potential customers, especially for startups just entering the market. However, descriptive can lock a business in an area of activity and limit its growth, when expanding to new services and markets. Country extensions also come with certain risks that an established brand like Scale would better avoid as it grows. Scale AI found a solution by investing in the premium dictionary word domain name and bringing trust and credibility to their business.

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