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Rish Dev on the Rise of Social Media, How Has SEO Changed Over Time and His New Startup - Edupops
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Today our guest is Rishabh (Rish) Dev, a Growth Marketing Consultant, author of ‘101 Ways to Grow Your Startup’, and Founding Director at Mapplinks and Edupops.

Meet our guest

Name: Rishabh (Rish) Dev

What they do: Rish has over ten years of experience in digital marketing and eCommerce growth. He owns the digital marketing Mapplinks. In 2022, he launched a second business Edupops, a social app with 1-minute learning videos.

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Having a social conversation means it’s more important for brands to understand how people talk to each other. We always say that branding is about how people speak about you when you are not present. That type of conversation has been brought to the forefront by social media, and brands that have been able to adapt to it have been the first movers in that space.

Rishabh (Rish) Dev

If there is a story that people relate to with the name, you have a good name.

Rishabh (Rish) Dev

Short overview

Rish has been in the marketing industry for over a decade, having begun his career before the introduction of social media when search engine optimization (SEO) was the primary focus of digital marketing. We discuss his experiences in starting up his marketing company and, more recently, his educational tech app Edupops. Rish explains how the rise of social media has changed how businesses conduct their marketing and gives some advice to starting entrepreneurs. We talk about the significance of the .com domain extension and how Rish came up with the names for his businesses. We cover some exciting trends and strategies in naming. 

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