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Understanding domain names for your brand
By Tatiana Bonneau access_time 1 min read

What are domain names? How do they work? Whether you sell online or use the internet to promote your products or services, nowadays it is inevitable you need to be on the internet. Your domain name is your spot online, it is where your potential and current clients, business partners, investors, even your team members, come to reach you. It is the centerpiece of your brand identity. Over the lifetime of your brand you will be repeating it countless times, it will be printed on your marketing materials and the sound of it will ring in all your video and audio adverts. Your whole team will be dictating it time, after time, after time to prospects, clients, partners – everyone, in emails, on the phone, in live meetings. Understanding what domain names are, how they came about and what are the main factors that define how entrepreneurs choose their domains, will help you make more informed decisions for your brand when it comes to your online brand identity.

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