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How to value a domain name for your business?
By SmartBranding Team access_time 2 min read

Now that you know what are premium domain names and why they are so valuable, what is the value of Your perfect domain name for Your business? How do you measure that? How do you put a number on something that you don’t have? We’ve covered some domain appraisal tools, but let’s face it, what does it matter if an automated tool values a domain at US$ 10,000 if not owning that name costs you that per month, limits your growth and puts your business at risk?

There is a simple way – the answer is in the question. Let’s look at what does it cost you Not having your perfect domain name.

For each of the points below, you can put a value estimate, taking into account the size of your business, your marketing spending, and overall advertising budget.

Brand Protection

Imagine another business acquires your desired domain name. They now have a domain name that matches your brand name, better than your own domain.


  • Your clients, partners, investors ending up on another business’ site. This may be a competitor, a business completely unrelated to your activity, or a website that is detrimental to your reputation


  • All your advertising budget actually working for another business
  • Increased marketing cost to clarify your correct web address
  • Loss of credibility with potential and existing clients, partners and investors
  • Lost emails
  • Complete re-brand
  • Security breaches – those can cost you quite a lot

Global Expansion

Your domain name has a geographic extension (,, .fr, .it etc) and you are going global.


Customers worldwide naturally tend to trust .com. Local extensions work for local markets so you risk alienating or completely losing your audience outside of the country of origin of your domain name.


  • Increased advertising budget to reach customers and gain their trust
  • Loss of traffic due to local extensions not ranking well globally in searches
  • Increased cost in printing merchandise and marketing materials for each country extension
  • Increased cost due to fragmented brand identity

Marketing Spend

The return you get on every dollar you spend on your brand promotion is directly related to how many clients you get out of it. The harder you make it for people to understand, remember, spell, type, and pronounce your name, the more likely you are to lose them before they get there.


  • Losing direct traffic
  • Confusing and losing customers
  • Losing emails


  • Spending on advertising, since you need to work harder on making your prospects, customers, partners, and investors remember your name
  • Lost trust and important information in missing emails
  • Potential legal cost due to security risks

Premium domain names are a valuable asset for any brand. They can help you establish credibility, improve your search engine rankings, and make it easier for customers to find and remember your website. If you’re interested in learning more about how premium domain names can benefit your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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