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Reliance's Growth-Driven Rebrand: New Name and Exact Brand Match Domain
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Following a year marked by robust financial performance and strategic growth, Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. has taken a significant step forward in its corporate evolution. The company has changed its name to Reliance, Inc. and acquired the exact brand match domain

In 2023, Reliance Inc. reported an impressive financial performance, with an earnings per share (EPS) of $22.64, a near-historic high for the company, backed by substantial investments, strategic acquisitions, and a positive outlook for 2024 – accomplishments that underscore the company’s capacity for sustained growth and its ability to navigate a challenging economic environment.

The decision to drop Steel and Aluminum showcases Reliance’s evolution from a metal-centric business to a diversified conglomerate, encompassing a wide range of solutions and services. This transition reflects the company’s commitment to providing customer value, creating employee opportunities, and delivering returns to stockholders. Reliance has always been more than just a metal company; it’s a network of companies focusing on industrial strength and collaboration.

Over the years, retaining the words Steel and Aluminum in our corporate name has limited the perception of our company because Reliance has evolved to be so much more than metal. We are a family of companies committed to providing diversified metal solutions and increasing levels of value to our customers, opportunities to our employees and returns to our stockholders.

 Karla Lewis, President and CEO of Reliance for

The name Reliance itself carries profound meaning. It speaks to the trust and dependability the company has built over its 85-year history. It conveys a message of strength and resilience, essential qualities in an industry that is both demanding and dynamic. Adopting the exact brand match domain, further reinforces this message. It symbolises a forward-thinking company rooted in a strong legacy of reliability, excellence, and growth.

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