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PDFTron Commits to Innovation and Excellence with a Rebrand to Apryse
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 3 min read

Apryse, formerly known as PDFTron, has elevated document solutions to a new level, making work more efficient and life simpler. As a leading player in document processing technology, Apryse provides developers, businesses of all sizes, and enterprises with the necessary tools to reach their document objectives faster and with ease. The company’s extensive product range caters to all document processing needs, including digital signatures, conversions, manipulations, and data extraction. Apryse offers its signature SDK products for developers, and for businesses, it provides products such as iText and XODO, among others. In 2023, Apryse intends to expand its solution offerings with smarter, easier, faster, and more feature-rich products.

With offices in five countries and support from leading software investment firm Thoma Bravo and growth equity investor Silversmith Capital Partners, Apryse is advancing its growth strategy and dedication to innovation and excellence. 

The company has recently rebranded under the name Apryse to better reflect its expanded offerings and commitment to innovation in the document processing industry. Rebranding due to a limiting brand name is a common occurrence in the business world. A brand name that was once thought to be unique and memorable may become limiting over time as the company expands, such as in the case of Apryse, or shifts its focus. 

The rebranding of PDFTron to Apryse showcases the company’s significant growth and expansion of its capabilities, expertise, and product offerings, resulting in a top-notch suite of innovative solutions for developers and businesses.

We are excited to be entering this new phase as Apryse and are grateful to our partners at Silversmith Capital Partners and Thoma Bravo for their continued support and belief in our mission. Our company has evolved significantly over the past few years to anticipate and meet our customers’ needs. While holding firm to our core strengths – superior products, personalised service, and industry-leading innovation – we have successfully expanded our offerings, grown our global footprint, added talent, and strengthened our culture of collaboration and ingenuity. Our new brand reflects these unique traits and how we use them to deliver solutions that are ‘Made Better’.

Cassidy Smirnow, CEO of Apryse 

Apryse will initiate multiple marketing efforts to re-introduce the brand to its core audience and introduce Apryse to new customer segments.

To support its rebranding, Apryse has invested in the exact brand match domain name launching a newly designed website to reflect its expanded solutions and customer base accurately. When undergoing a rebranding, obtaining an exact match domain for the brand can significantly aid in establishing brand recognition and consistency. This makes it simpler for customers to locate and retain the website in their memory, resulting in heightened traffic and brand awareness. Owning an exact match domain can elevate the brand’s credibility and professionalism, showcasing a dedicated and professional approach to online presence.

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