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American Homes 4 Rent Rebrands as AMH with a Modern, Simplified Brand Identity Honoring its Heritage
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 3 min read

AMH, formerly known as American Homes 4 Rent, is a leading single-family property owner, leasing operator, and build-to-rent developer operating as an internally managed Maryland real estate investment trust (REIT). The company’s goal is to simplify the experience of leasing a home and bring peace of mind to households across the country. It has been recognised as one of America’s Most Responsible Companies 2023, a 2022 Great Place to Work, and a Top ESG Regional Performer. The company owns nearly 59,000 single-family properties in various regions of the United States.

AMH has unveiled its new brand identity that features a modern outlook while still honouring its heritage. The new corporate brand identity features a simplified name and a refreshed look that demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and its leadership in providing better housing in America. 

Rebranding through abbreviation streamlines a company’s name, improving its memorability and thereby increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty. 

AMH has put a great deal of effort into its rebranding efforts, which have been underway for a year. This includes enhancing resident interactions through a simplified digital and mobile experience, such as a new user-friendly website.

The new name AMH aligns with the company’s mission to simplify the home leasing process and make it easier for residents to prioritise what matters most to them. It also sets AMH apart in the industry and underscores its commitment to resident satisfaction.

In our second decade and chapter as a leading housing provider, we’re updating our brand to reflect the journey that’s brought us here.

To reflect the simplicity that we strive to deliver to our residents’ lives daily.

To reflect the innovative spirit of our origins, and of the team that has made it all possible.

To reflect our heritage and our vision of better housing in America, one with more possibilities, choices, and freedoms. 

Today, we do so much more than just rent homes. We work to improve people’s lives.

And our new brand, under the simplified look, feel, and name of AMH, represents our renewed commitment to serving our customers by making their worlds a little easier and brighter every day, wherever they choose to call home.

AHM statement 

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