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Off the Grid and Beyond: Lary Sims' Filmmaking Legacy
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Our guest today is Lary Sims. Lary was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, making reading and writing a challenge for him during his early years. Despite this, he managed to overcome his difficulties and went on to become a successful writer and filmmaker. 

Meet our guest

Name: Lary Sims

What they do:  Today, Lary finds immense pleasure in writing books and screenplays. In the summer of 2021, he ventured into the field of film production, directing and producing his first film titled “Off the Grid,” which has now garnered worldwide distribution. In the fall of 2022, he produced a TV pilot called “Fabrication Nation,” directed by Jack Skyyler and Alex Zinzopoulos and starring Tonya Kay, which is currently in post-production.

Lary’s creative pursuits do not end there. He is also directing and producing a sequel to “Off the Grid” titled “Off the Grid II,” and producing a new film called “Kairos,” currently being filmed in South Mississippi.

Interesting fact: After his wife stumbled upon an advertisement on Nextdoor seeking interviews for a documentary about hope and happiness, Lary applied and was chosen for the opportunity. Motivated by this experience, Lary seized the momentum and pitched his idea for the film “Off the Grid,” which marked the beginning of his filmmaking journey. 

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If you’re a beginner in filmmaking, strive to discover a compelling and captivating story that people will find interesting and meaningful, and that will also draw the attention of potential investors and viewers.

Lary Sims

Short overview

Despite facing difficulties in his early years due to dyslexia, Lary maintained a positive outlook, overcame obstacles, and went on to become a successful writer and filmmaker. In sharing his journey, he discusses his transition from writing to filmmaking and offers insight into the making of his film “Off the Grid,” including the inspiration behind the project and the filming, preparation, editing, and production process. Lary reveals that he currently has three films in post-production and offers advice to aspiring filmmakers on finding compelling stories and securing funding.

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