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A New Frontier in Digital Security: Notarize Introduces 'Proof', a Dedicated Identity Verification Platform
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Notarize, the world’s largest online notary network, is undergoing a significant transformation with its business tools with the launch of Proof, a new platform focused on digital identity verifications. The two brands and platforms will exist side-by-side, said founder Patrick Kinsel for TechCrunch. In 2021, Notarize secured a substantial $130 million in a Series D funding round, valued at over $760 million. This major investment served as a catalyst for the development of Proof.

The rise in online transactions has created a growing need for reliable and secure digital identity verification. Recognising this trend, Notarize has decided to leverage its expertise and established network to address the gaps in online identity verification. 

By launching Proof, the company aims to provide an enterprise-grade platform specifically tailored to meet the needs of large banks and real estate companies.

While Notarize will continue serving its existing online notary network, which boasts prominent clients like Adobe and FedEx, the rebranding of its business tools to Proof signifies a clear distinction in services and offerings. With Proof, the company emphasises its commitment to delivering identity-assured transaction management solutions alongside its trusted notary services. This expansion allows Notarize to cater to a broader range of transactions, including real estate e-closings, vehicle bills of sale, and various legal documents like affidavits of identity and power of attorneys.

Notarize’s track record speaks for itself, having been adopted by numerous notable companies since its inception in 2015. Partnerships with industry leaders such as First American, iPostal, Guaranteed Rate, Salesforce, SimpleNexus, SnapDocs, USAA, and Zillow demonstrate the widespread recognition of Notarize’s reliability and convenience. 

With Proof’s expanded services, these trusted partnerships can benefit from enhanced identity verification measures, safeguarding against the growing threat of fraud targeting e-signatures, which have become increasingly prevalent in today’s online agreements.

Building upon the success of their initial brand, Notarize recognised the value and potential of securing an exact brand match domain name and acquired the highly desirable and memorable domain for its new brand. This strategic investment aligns perfectly with the company’s commitment to innovation and forward-thinking strategies.

Notarize Introduces Proof, a Dedicated Identity Verification Platform

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