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Montane Matches its Global Presence with
By Monica Stankova access_time 1 min read

Montane’s founders, Chris Roff and Jake Doxat, met on a 3 month expedition to southern Chile in 1989. Their joint passion for outdoor adventures is what inspired them to create the brand. In 1997 one of Montane’s most iconic products – Extreme Range was launched. It is still used by outdoor professionals and mountain rescue teams worldwide.

Over the past 25 years the Montane brand has become famous among all types of outdoor enthusiasts with its excellent quality and exclusive designs. Montane’s clothing and mountain trekking gears have become a hallmark for endurance professionals and enthusiasts across the world. The brand is also organizer and sponsor of some of the biggest and toughest endurance events worldwide.

There was however still one thing that was not global – Montane’s domain name. Up until 2020 the brand was operating on the domain name extension, the country code for the United Kingdom. This was probably a fit when the brand was operating locally but Montane had outgrown the local market and for their numerous partners, athletes and ambassadors, a local domain name was not a match.

In March 2020 Montane invested in their exact brand match domain name –, completing the only missing piece in its global identity. You can read their captivating blog full of inspiration and advice or follow them on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

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