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MMC Corp Unites Under New Brand Name Cerris with
By Monica Stankova access_time 1 min read

MMC Corp, an Overland Park, Kansas-based, 100% employee-owned construction firm, has rebranded to Cerris. This change will unify its various companies—MMC Contractors entities, BCS, and MW Builders—under the new brand name. MMC Corp will now operate as Cerris, MW Builders will become Cerris Builders, and the MMC Contractors entities along with BCS will be rebranded as Cerris Systems. The organisation is also introducing Cerris Emerging Solutions, a new innovation incubator.

Cerris is a subgenus of an oak tree, known for strong roots and adaptive abilities. The mark next to our name represents the very heart of a tree root and is the basis of its growth and integrity. The Cerris group of companies is strongly rooted, united around a common set of principles, and prepared to meet the building needs of tomorrow.

Jason Evelyn, CEO of Cerris

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MMC Corp Unites Under New Brand Name Cerris

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