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Maxim Healthcare Staffing Rebrands to Amergis, Reflecting the Company's Mission and Broad Range of Services
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

After over three decades as a prominent healthcare staffing provider, Maxim Healthcare Staffing has unveiled its new identity as Amergis, along with expanding its education staffing division, Amergis Educational Staffing.

The rebrand stems from a desire for greater clarity and alignment, particularly to distinguish itself from its sister company, Maxim Healthcare Services, which provides patient care in home and school environments. This move addresses potential confusion and better represents Amergis’ diverse offerings beyond health care, more accurately reflecting the company’s mission and range of services.

Our name has changed, and the logo is different, but what remains is our commitment to connecting people to work that matters and helping our clients find the right staffing solutions for their unique challenges.

Bill Butz, President of Amergis

The name Amergis, stemming from “adapt” and “merge,” represents the company’s dedication to merge highly talented professionals with clients’ current teams and their ability to adapt in order to meet their needs.

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