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Laird Connectivity Rebrands to Ezurio, Embarking on a New Era of Wireless Technology and Customer-Centric Solutions
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Laird Connectivity, a leader in wireless technology, has announced a rebrand to Ezurio, ushering in a new era focused on innovative and customer-centric solutions. 

According to the statement, the new name, Ezurio, celebrates the company’s rich heritage in connectivity and its vision for addressing the complex challenges faced by customers globally. The rebrand unites the strengths of Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices, acquired in 2022, blending decades of experience in serving the connectivity needs of the medical, industrial, and commercial sectors.

For decades, Laird Connectivity and Boundary Devices have provided industry-renowned expertise in wireless product design and embedded processor development. We’ve an innovative team of global developers for all aspects of product development, and manufacturing incorporating software, hardware, test and certifications expertise. We are a dedicated connectivity partner with a proven track record that we are proud to stand behind. Today we establish a new chapter building on that foundation as Ezurio with a nod to our industry heritage and a look forward to our future. 


This rebrand follows the 2023 trend of companies opting for shorter, more memorable names. Alongside the rebrand, Ezurio also transitioned to the exact brand match (EBM) domain, An EBM domain like enhances brand recognition, simplifies customer access, and boosts online marketing efforts. It represents the company’s commitment to making its brand as accessible and identifiable as possible, seamlessly integrating its online presence with its new identity, and ensuring it remains at the forefront of the wireless technology industry.

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