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Gideon Tomoloju Talks About the Importance of Brand Strategy and Challenges of Running a Business in Nigeria
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Gideon Tomoloju, a brand strategist and designer from Lagos, Nigeria, is our guest today. His passion for design and problem-solving has been recognized both locally and internationally.

Meet our guest

Name: Gideon Tomoloju

What they do: Gideon is the founder of the Pixxis agency, which creates brand identities for global brands.

Pixxis Agency’s presentation: An effective brand strategy helps you develop a strong brand.

Where to reach them:


Strategy is essential for any successful brand. If you already know what you want to accomplish, a good strategy can help you build the roadmap to get there.

Gideon Tomoloju

Short overview

Gideon talks about how his studies in architecture helped him in his career as a brand designer. We discuss branding and brand strategy, as well as why it is crucial to have the right one in place. Gideon shares how he assists his clients in developing a successful brand strategy, as well as who can benefit from Pixxis’ services. We talk about the challenges that Gideon faces while working in Nigeria and how he overcomes them. Gideon explains why he chose an international .com extension over a local one for his agency domain name.

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