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8 entrepreneurs share their brand strategy for 2021
By Kristina Mišić access_time 4 min read

A well-executed brand strategy is essential for developing and establishing a successful and timeless brand. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from 2020, it’s that a business will hardly survive if it doesn’t have a strong brand online. We all know that building a strong brand takes time, effort, and commitment. Have you made your plans for 2021? We asked 8 entrepreneurs what is their brand strategy for this year to give you some inspiration. Here’s what they said.

Grazia Venneri

“We focus on two areas, Brand Heritage Digitalization and Customer Experience Renewal. We leverage the Brand Heritage to blend the Digital paradigm into the Fashion industry without losing the unique voice and brand values. Through Customer Experience Renewal initiatives, we help fashion brands amplify customer interaction through technologies such as Visual AI and product discovery.”

Grazia Venneri, Founder of Never Ending Vibes

Scott Newton

“Reach new customers through our partner network, build on the strengths of 2020, and leverage digital technologies (such as MIRO) to promote innovation and new ways of thinking and working together.”

Scott Newton, Managing Partner Thinking Dimensions, Board Member and Equity Partner Strategy Tools

“This year I’m continuing to push my business partners and internal brand teams to tell honest and organic stories that truly speak to our peers and the brand outsiders. Even if you’re not 100% aligned with the brand ethos when the truth is being told in an organic, new/refreshing, and tasteful fashion… Consumers and creatives notice those three traits instantly and will do their due diligence to find out the why’s, what’s, and how’s of each brand.”

James W. Lee III, Creative Production Lead

Severina Grozeva-Patrone

“I continue to emphasize the need to build the brand foundations if you are a new business, or evaluate how your brand is perceived, if you are an established one, before jumping into any campaign work. With all its challenges, the current time is an excellent opportunity for reflection, evaluation and if needed, course correction.”

Severina Grozeva, Brand Communications Strategy Consultant

“Brand strategy overall from my organization is to educate users and add valuable content consistent with ongoing and relevant events in the cybersecurity industry. From there engaging with users and building conversations/understanding what others are experiencing.”

Sam Sabzerou, Consultant

Kate Sheldon

“With regard to the strategy for Fashioneering LLC in 2021 while I still provide assistance to brands who need a fractional brand president, chief merchant, or buying director a huge focus for the year is the launch of our new offering The Fashioneering Lab. The Fashioneering Lab is an accelerator program for designers, brands, and retailers who are either early-stage brands or established brands wanting to implement new aggressive growth strategies.  As with the other offerings the overreaching goal is to assist brands and retailers in developing more successful and sustainable collections and strategies.”

Kate Sheldon, Founder/ CEO Fashioneering LLC

Giulio Gargiullo

“I strongly feel the opportunity of being global, keeping the connection to your roots, and spreading your message worldwide. I think I need to feed my message with real stories, real data, real cultural information for people, not just customers. If they enjoy my message or my customers then they’ll love my brand and follow me for a long time. In general, Covid-19 has given me the opportunity of reconsidering marketing, people, and the way we communicate. Strangely, in a more divided world in some ways, we could be all closer to each other through closer ties, values, and technologies too.”

Giulio Gargiullo – Independent Marketing Manager

Nefeli Mandilari

“Ergon studio is on a mission to support female entrepreneurs in building strong, lasting, and lucrative companies. The foundation of each brand is a real relationship with its customers. When brands care more about their audience, brand reputation and brand loyalty increases and the costs of customer acquisition and retention are decreasing, leaving room for bigger profits. Our strategy for this year is to simply invest in our biggest asset, our customers, and provide quality products and services that will accompany them through life.”

Nefeli Mandilari, Founder and CEO of Ergon Studio

We hope you enjoyed reading all the above, we certainly did! What is your brand strategy for this year? Don’t hesitate to reach out and share it!