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Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship and Accessible Expert Consulting with David Zhang
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Today our guest is David Zhang, an entrepreneur helping business owners, organisations, and even students with Digital transformation. 

Meet our guest

Name: David Zhang

What they do: David is the founder of INTERLUNAR, a boutique digital transformation agency dedicated to making emerging technologies and productivity tools available to everyone. We discuss his company, what was the inspiration behind the name, what services do they cover and how they can be of help to you.

Fun facts: David got into photography after his parents got a camera that collected some dust in the house before he paid attention to it. David has always been fascinated with the moon and its cycles, which is where the inspiration for his brand name came from.

Where to reach them:


Our goal is to make it possible for businesses of any size and financial means to have access to expert consulting and design services, as this early guidance is invaluable.

David Zhang

When it comes to branding and design, consistency is crucial. You want to ensure that all of the assets you put out there evoke the same feeling or tone or look and feel the same way, whether digital, in print, or at an event.

David Zhang

Short overview

David has an exciting story: when he was 18 years old, he moved to Southeast Asia and spent the next few years studying and enhancing his digital skills before starting his own business. We talk about INTERLUNAR and starting a company during the pandemic. We can’t pass on the chance to discuss David’s area of expertise, digital transformation, and how it can help students develop a roadmap that will lead them to their dream job. David shares where his love for photography comes from, and how it evolved into a service offered by his company.

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