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Digital Real Estate: The Power of Domains with Andrew Rosener
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Today, our guest is Andrew Rosener, who needs no introduction in the domain space. For anyone else, Andrew is the founder and CEO of MediaOptions, the world’s leading domain brokerage firm, co-founder of Ganjapreneur and Apein Productions, entrepreneur, investor, and generally a trusted authority, and strategic advisor in the digital asset space. 

Meet our guest

Name: Andrew Rosener

What they do: Andrew Rosener is the founder and CEO of MediaOptions, an industry-leading premium domain name brokerage. Andrew and his team provide consulting services to entrepreneurs looking to establish global brands, and take advantage of premium domains to accelerate that process.

Interesting fact: Andrew was introduced to Jamón Ibérico by his then-girlfriend, now wife. Inspired by the exceptional taste, he purchased related domain names, envisioning an opportunity to import the ham to the United States. However, he soon discovered that it was illegal. Years later, he learned that George W. Bush would be the first to taste the first Iberian ham imported legally to the USA. Andrew got in touch with the importer and struck a deal for the domains he had – few thousand dollars and 15-pounds of his favourite ham. This experience sparked a realisation: every business, regardless of its niche, would eventually recognise the importance of securing domain names that align with its brand or product. This pivotal moment led Andrew to launch himself into the domain name space.

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Everybody in every business niche is going to want or need their names, whether it’s the domains that perfectly match their brand or the domains that align with the product or service they offer.

Andrew Rosener

If you look at the smartest and most successful individuals in the world, whether they are in the tech industry or consumer goods, you’ll find that a significant majority of them either consistently start new companies using super ultra premium domain names or maintain a secretive portfolio of domains they have acquired over the years.

Andrew Rosener

Most people, especially first-time entrepreneurs, underestimate the challenges of not having an exact match domain for their brand or an easily-spellable domain. The pain and frustration caused by having prefixes, suffixes, or unclear domain names can lead to intangible consequences, increased marketing expenses, and overall dissatisfaction among employees and oneself. Imagine having to spell out your domain name every time you share your email address, even for simple tasks like making a restaurant reservation.

Andrew Rosener

Short overview

In our conversation, Andrew shares his journey and insights into the world of domain names. He recounts how he first learned about domains in the mid-90s, when he started acquiring various ones related to his interests, hoping to develop and monetise them in the future. Recognising the value of owning domain names, Andrew realised that every business niche would eventually require domains that aligned with their brand or offerings.

We go over his career journey in sales and how it led him back to domains, in a pretty unpredictable way. We talk about how Andrew successfully started his own business, MediaOptions, venturing into brokering domain names for others and filling a void in the market at that time. He emphasised domains’ significant value, ranging from increased conversion and clickthrough rates to enhanced customer and employee retention. 

We discuss exact brand match domains and what makes them a highly valuable digital asset, serving as the commercial real estate of the digital economy. 

Andrew acknowledges the emergence of a new class of startups that are advised by investors or venture capitalists to secure their perfect domain names early on. He believes that macroeconomic cycles and business planning seasons also influence domain name sales, with notable booms in the fourth quarter. While Andrew speculates on certain aspects, he confirms that there are indeed differences in buyer behaviour and preferences across jurisdictions. The United States dominates in terms of venture capital funding and startup ecosystems, which is not surprising. He highlights a propensity for risk-taking and a value system that embraces ambitious, all-or-nothing endeavours, with a tendency to view a middle ground as undesirable. Towards the end of our conversation, Andrew shares valuable insights regarding potential red flags to be vigilant about when engaging with a domain broker. 

We host engaging conversations about naming, branding, and entrepreneurship, exploring everything from initial triumphs to the hurdles along the way. If you’ve got insights on innovative branding strategies, lessons learned from entrepreneurial ventures, or thoughts on the significance of a solid domain name strategy, and you’re keen to chat about them, we’d love to hear from you!

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A premium domain name is a powerful tool for businesses looking to establish a strong and professional online presence. If you’re ready to upgrade your brand and boost your online presence, contact us for more information on our premium domain name options and how they can help your business succeed.

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