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Chatting About Best Practices for Lifecycle Marketing, Athletic Greens, Domains and HubSpot Skills with Mike K. Tatum
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Today, our guest is Mike Tatum. Mike has an extensive background in general marketing, digital marketing, and lead generation. He has committed his career to employ lifecycle marketing strategy and marketing automation to build successful and engaging customer journeys from initial discovery to reactivation.

Meet our guest

Name:  Mike K. Tatum

What they do: Mike is currently the Director of Lifecycle Marketing at Athletic Greens, a company offering a patented line of natural health supplements. Mike has been a speaker at INBOUND, the HubSpot conference, and creates online courses for advanced HubSpot skills and techniques.

Where to reach them:


Brand name is extremely important on a couple of levels. There is a certain trust factor that comes with your specific domain name. If we were Athletic Greens dot health or something similar, that would not send the same trust signal as, which we obviously own. There is also this sense of legitimacy.

Mike K. Tatum

Short overview

In this episode, we go into Mike’s background and how he got his start in lifecycle marketing. We talk about the essence of lifecycle marketing and why Mike sees it as the middle ground between art and science. We discuss domain names and why Mike has chosen his name as his personal brand domain name. We go over smart content education and common mistakes that new entrepreneurs make when it comes to naming and branding. Mike elaborates on Athletic Greens and the types of customers that can benefit from their product.

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