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Building a Humanistic Brand with Arcui Usoara: An Inspiring Conversation
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Today our guest is Arcui Usoara. Arcui is an internationally renowned brand strategist and design consultant, CEO of Iaculus, best-selling author of The Pointlessness of Comparing and Competing, an inspiring orator. He is known for problem-solving and creating “Aha” Moments for clients. Over 10000+ individuals and businesses have benefited from his work, which he carries forward with the legacy of his clients.

Meet our guest

Name: Arcui Usoara

What they do: Arcui is a humanistic brand strategist and the founder of Iaculus, a consultancy that supports entrepreneurs in crafting their unique brand narrative and connecting with the right audience.

Fun fact:
Arcui started working as a freelance graphic designer in high school. He participated in a game design championship where he was only informed of his registration from the school’s behalf in a graphic design championship too, 20 minutes before the competition was set to begin. Despite the short notice, Arcui was able to utilize his knowledge and expertise in the field to create a design that earned him second place, and a realization of what he truly wanted to do. 

Where to reach them:


Choosing the right brand name is significant because it will have a long-term impact and create a lasting impression. Hearing something unique, something that is easier to grasp, and something that catches your attention is essential in a winning business strategy.

Arcui Usoara

As you begin your journey in freelancing, think of it as starting a new school year. Just like in high school, you don’t have to be friends with everyone, and it’s okay if not everyone knows about you at the beginning, it will change as you grow. What’s important is that you find clients that you enjoy working with and have a good rapport with. Don’t try to please everyone, as this can lead to strained relationships and poor management on your part. Instead, focus on building strong, positive relationships with clients who you enjoy spending time with and who align with your values.

Arcui Usoara

Your Brand is your baby. You can shape their personality and help them find the right friends. You can control how and where the brand grows, so do it.

Arcui Usoara

Short overview

In this conversation, we delve into the background of Arcui and how he came to establish his own business as a humanistic brand strategist. We also explore the interesting and meaningful choice behind the name of his agency, Iaculus, and the services it offers. Arcui shares his insights on the common mistakes made by brand owners and how to avoid them, as well as the crucial relationship between a brand and its domain name. We delve into topics such as brand essence development, determining brand purpose and personality, and the role of AI in various industries, including Arcui’s field of work. 

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