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App4Legal Rebrands to Lexzur, Aiming for Accelerated Expansion in Europe
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

App4Legal, a provider of all-in-one legal tech solutions, has rebranded to Lexzur with the new slogan, “Efficiency Amplified”. This change is a key step in the company’s expansion as it grows into the European market and incorporates AI-powered solutions beyond just legal services. 

As the legal-tech landscape evolves, we see an increasing demand from a diverse array of professionals seeking efficient, tech-driven solutions. Our rebrand to Lexzur with the tagline Efficiency Amplified, symbolizes not just a name change, but our dedication to being at the forefront of this change, offering cutting-edge solutions that extend beyond traditional legal teams to various industries and sectors including Procurement, HR, Sales and other departments in any company of any size, worldwide.

Feras El Hajjar, CEO of Lexzur

The rebrand also follows Lexzur’s recent success in securing a seven-figure investment led by UAE-based Aditum Ventures.

The previous name, App4Legal, was restrictive because it suggested the company only offered specific services. Including a number in the name is not recommended, as it can make the name harder to understand. Since it is not clear whether the domain name uses the number or a written word for the number, having a name that contains numbers often leads to confusion and less effective marketing.

To overcome these limits, companies should choose names that are broad and flexible, allowing them to adapt as they grow and enter new markets. By choosing a unique and flexible brand and domain name like, Lexzur sets itself up for ongoing success and avoids future limitations.

App4Legal Rebrands to Lexzur

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