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Adfenix Unleashes its Full Potential as Realforce
By Monica Stankova access_time 2 min read

Adfenix, the real estate marketing company, is rebranding to Realforce. The rebrand serves as a strategic move designed to better encapsulate the business’ evolving suite of services and its broader market perspective.

The tech stack had outgrown us and was challenging to work with, we did not innovate at the pace we wanted and the competition was catching up. Customers were asking us what’s next and without being able to show a clear plan, several strategic customers churned. At the time, it was hell to go through but in hindsight it triggered a soul searching process that created the north star that is Realforce.

André Hegge, CEO at Realforce

The original name, Adfenix, included the term “ad,” which, over time, became a limiting factor for the business’ growth strategy. This was primarily because the name suggested a strong focus on advertising, thereby restricting the perception of the company’s offerings to a narrower niche market.

The first signs that Adfenix as a brand may not last the test of time was already back in 2017 when we raised money for the first time. The most common rejection in our initial outreach was “great traction, but we do not invest in ad tech”. Of course, you do not build a brand for investors but it triggered thoughts on the long term direction of the company.

André Hegge, CEO at Realforce

Realforce’s decision to rebrand was also influenced by the acquisition of two companies: customer data firm Quedro and media management company Brandkeeper. These acquisitions expanded Realforce’s suite of services, allowing them to offer more than Adfenix’s previous niche market.

In sync with its new identity, Realforce has acquired, a strategic move that opens the door to more effective management of its online presence and facilitates a consistent brand representation across all digital channels. The acquisition of the exact match domain name, Realforce, is not just an investment in digital real estate but a crucial component of the company’s brand strategy. The rebrand is a significant milestone for Realforce, enabling the business to pursue fresh opportunities for growth and innovation in a rapidly evolving market.

Adfenix Rebrands As Realforce

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