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We Asked ChatGPT to Write a Poem About Dating Your Brand: Are You a Match?
By SmartBranding Team access_time 1 min read

Will You Date Your Brand? A Poetic Reflection

If your brand were a date, would it be the one?
With a domain mismatch, it might come undone.
Imagine a suitor, charming and wise,
But his name online, a peculiar surprise!

A brand may be dashing, its products a hit,
But with a .biz when you’re more of a .com, does it fit?
It’s like planning a date, candlelit and fine,
But your GPS takes you to a different dine.

So ask yourself, with a .com in your hand,
Would you date your brand, in this internet land?
For a domain mismatch is a curious plight,
Like a romantic dinner, without any light!

Here’s to matching domains, where love can be found,
In the vast online world, where brand love abounds.
Will you date your brand? Is it love at first sight?
Ensure your domain’s right, and your future’s bright!

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