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Utopia Music's Acquisition of A Strategic Move for Expanding Horizons
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 2 min read

Utopia Music, a Swiss music fintech company founded in 2016 by Mattias Hjelmstedt, utilises big data to improve the global music industry by offering clear, transparent, and reliable data-driven solutions. The company aims to create an ecosystem where technology and music intersect, fostering creativity and joy.

According to data from Crunchbase, Utopia Music acquired eight organisations, their most recent being Absolute Label Services, on February 24, 2022. The company has also received funding through five rounds, with the latest financing raised on May 1, 2022, from a Series B round. The exact amount of funding raised has yet to be disclosed.

In 2022, Utopia Music achieved another significant milestone in its journey when it invested in the premium digital asset

Utopia Music’s recent announcement of exciting next steps and split into two distinct divisions suggests that acquiring the exact brand match domain was a well-thought-out move to strengthen the foundation of the company’s expanding horizons. While the company still operates on, the acquisition of has been a valuable asset for its growth and will ultimately benefit the company in the long run. The split encompasses “Music Services,” which includes acquired businesses such as the UK-based Sentric Music Group, Absolute Label Services, and Proper, and “Royalty Platform,” which consist of Utopia’s in-house tech platform. 

A limiting brand and domain name, as seen in the case of, raises  challenges for a company seeking to broaden its offerings or adjust its business strategy. In order to  avoid such limitations, businesses ought to  consider selecting a more versatile name that is not too specific or descriptive. This type of name will allow for greater adaptability and flexibility as the business grows and expands into new areas. By choosing a unique and adaptable brand and domain name like, companies position themselves for long-term success and avoid the potential constraints. The word “utopia” is a well-known term often used to describe an ideal, perfect, or visionary society. It is possible that the founders of Utopia Music chose this name to symbolise their vision for a more innovative and creative music industry. It is also derived from the Greek words “ou” (not) and “topos” (place), which could be interpreted as a nod to the company’s use of technology to transcend traditional barriers and connect people through music regardless of geographic location.

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