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Rialtic Reveals Global Ambitions with Upgrade to
By Monica Stankova access_time 1 min read

Founded in 2020, Rialtic is a cloud-based enterprise platform that helps payers to contain healthcare costs and regain control of their claims accuracy process. In early 2024, the company announced a $37 million Series B financing led by Socium Ventures.

We believe the healthcare system deserves improvement. We are on a mission to build the team and the software to become the platform of choice in healthcare for payers and providers to run their most critical business processes. That’s a big mission, but that’s the impact we want to have.

Doug Williams, CEO & Founder of Rialtic

Originally operating under the domain, the company has recently invested in the Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain, which currently redirects to The .io extension is popular among tech startups for its association with the tech term “input/output”. It is actually a country code top-level domain for the British Indian Ocean Territory and can present certain risks and limitations for businesses.

By acquiring, the company enhances its online presence, making sure that visitors and potential customers find the correct site, thus reducing confusion and optimising web traffic. This step is essential for maintaining a consistent and professional online identity, which plays a significant role in establishing trust and recognition in the market. 

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