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Luxe Du Jour, a top-tier luxury goods seller, successfully acquired the premium three-letter domain This move came after an initial bid for was declined, leading the company to opt for the equally impactful and, in their case, more cost-effective

In a TikTok video, CEO Tammy Phan explained the reasoning behind choosing a .com domain. This move was influenced significantly by Luxe Du Jour’s expansion into the US market. With an established base in Calgary, Alberta, and a new head office in Irvine, California, the company needed a domain that would more effectively resonate with the broader US audience. Acquiring a .com domain was crucial for implementing Affirm’s buy now, pay later financing for US customers, which also required a US bank account. This strategic acquisition of has enabled the company to offer 0% interest financing on luxury items to US clients, enhancing the brand’s appeal in the high-end boutique sector. Tammy Phan advises: 

Whether you’re starting a business or already have one with a .ca, .uk, .au, or similar domain, it’s wise to secure the .com version. Purchasing both the .com and your country-specific domain is cost-effective compared to the potential higher costs of acquiring the .com at a later stage, should your company expand.

Tammy Phan, CEO

Owning a domain like is a strong statement of the brand’s presence, authority, and forward-thinking vision. Three-letter .com domains are highly sought after for conciseness, ease of recall, and flexibility. The acquisition of boosts Luxe Du Jour’s brand identity and strategically positions them for future growth, ensuring their online presence matches their luxury products’ sophistication and global appeal.

Luxe Du Jour, a top-tier luxury goods seller, successfully acquired the premium three-letter domain

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