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James Buckley-Thorp, founder of BeQuest on how to make life insurance fun
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Choosing a good name is a struggle for many startups. Now imagine you are in a very serious industry, say life insurance and wills. The topic is touchy, often even dark and depressing. How do you pick a good brand name in that case? BeQuest, a UK based life insurance, wills and funeral planning startup, has done successfully just that. With a clever choice of great name, the matching domain name, a light and joyful colour scheme and…well, let’s hear it from their founder, James Buckley-Thorp.

On naming

Many startups will know or be in the situation where their desire domain is not available, that was the case for us, especially if it’s a real word. We were able to buy and it was important to us as a brand that decision to obtain that domain. That is predominantly because we are regulated company, we are in a very sensitive area of the market, people trust us to handle their assets after they’re gone. For us it made complete sense to reassure the market as we grow that this is us, this is where we own, this Is our address, this is where we are at. There are other areas where url doesn’t matter at all but considering the market we are in and we are regulated we thought will be better to buy that asset. 

We wanted to remain agile about our name as much as possible, we waited to close a funding round before we really solidify it. It sounds like we put a lot more thought to it before but we really didn’t, it was almost natural, it all aligned to Bequest.

James Buckley-Thorp, founder of BeQuest

On branding

At Bequest we made it is done in a light, colorful way, you can change this, what you write is not set in stone, you can change it in a weeks time. It’s about starting this conversation because passing away with nothing is worse for the people who are left behind, something is better than nothing. 

Our logo is modular, it plays to our point of every customer that comes to us is getting something bespoke, they are not buying something off the shelf. 

James Buckley-Thorp, founder of BeQuest

On mission

There is a saying when someone passes away « this is what they always wanted »  we want to change that to « this is what they wanted ». 

James Buckley-Thorp, founder of BeQuest

Find out more about BeQuest here.

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