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AI-based healthcare platform InsuRights announced $22 million
By SmartBranding Team access_time 1 min read

What is InsuRights?

InsuRights is an AI-powered helathcare platform.

What does InsuRights do?

InsuRights is an AI-driven platform that provides employees on-the-spot answers to their health coverage and benefits questions, helps them find lower-cost providers, and lets them know about practical preventative care benefits.

Who owns InsuRights?

InsuRights was founded by Israeli-natives Guy Benjamin, Ben Nagar, Dr. Elad Ofir, and Ben Goldenberg in 2019.

How much has InsuRights raised?

InsuRights picked up $22 million in a Seed funding and will focus on scaling its team by hiring insurance and medical experts.

Who has invested in InsuRights?

InsurTech Israel fund, Cresson Management Good Company, and Group 11 are investing in the company.

What domain name does InsuRights operate on?

InsuRights operates on the exact brand match domain This ensures their brand is well protected online, avoids traffic and email leaks as well as confusion amongst their customers and business partners.

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