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Batch raised a $23 million funding round
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What is Batch?

Batch is a Martech customer engagement platform.

What does Batch do?

Batch is an SDK dashboard focused on marketing and transactional push notifications, including useful analytics to monitor and improve customer engagement and retention.

Who owns Batch?

Antoine Guénard and Simon Dawlat founded Batch in 2014 in Paris, France.

How much has Batch raised?

Batch raised $23 million in a Venture-Series Unknown funding round. The startup will use the money to attract new and retain existing talent, helping to develop its product further.

Who has invested in Batch?

Orange Ventures and Expedition Growth Capital back Batch.

What domain name does Batch operate on?

Batch operates on Investing in a .com domain name that matches their brand name ensures their brand is secure online, as well as makes it easy for their customers, business partners, and investors to reach them.

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