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Exploring Branding, Innovation and Modernisation in Banking with Plumery’s Founder Ben Goldin
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Our guest for this episode is Ben Goldin, a seasoned Digital Banking and Financial Technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He has a proven track record of developing innovative technology for banks and other financial services companies and managing teams in start-ups and companies with hyper-scale and multi-billion dollar valuations.

Meet our guest

Name: Ben Goldin

What they do: Ben is the founder of Plumery, a company that offers a comprehensive digital banking experience platform. Plumery’s mission is to empower banks of all sizes worldwide to provide exceptional mobile and web experiences for their customers. The platform focuses on enabling banks and other financial institutions to quickly go to market while laying a foundation for their long-term success.

Interesting fact: Ben’s passion for banking began in his teenage years, initially sparked by his curiosity about technology and programming. He has spent his entire career at the forefront of banking innovation, being part of the team that built one of the first Internet banking platforms in the early 2000s. Before founding Plumery, he was a key member of Mambu’s executive team, a leading cloud banking platform known for its innovative approach to the industry.

Where to reach them:


The first domain I registered was simply because wasn’t available. But I was so eager to have it that I tracked down the owner, negotiated the price, and bought it out. So, I invested in buying that domain already back then.

Ben Goldin

People buy based on emotion, whether it’s B2B or B2C. Your brand represents certain things—it creates specific feelings and is often the first thing communicating about you to clients or prospects. The name, colours, and language of your brand reveal much about who you are, how professional you are, what’s your take on risks versus innovation, are you bold or are you very conservative. All these things are actually communicated by your brand in the broader sense. That’s why we took it seriously from Day Zero.

Ben Goldin

Short overview

Ben Goldin has more than 20 years of experience in Digital Banking and Financial Technology. He shares what sparked his interest in pursuing a career in the field. We discuss the origin of the brand name Plumery and how Ben acquired the Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain 

Discussing innovation and modernisation, Ben highlights the necessity for banks to continually adapt customer-facing features quickly due to fast-changing customer expectations and technological advancements, emphasising that modernisation in banking is an ongoing process, not a one-time transformation. 

Touching on common mistakes made in the field, Ben shares that banks often need to catch up in adopting modern product management practices, focusing insufficiently on truly understanding and personalising user experiences from the outset.

Discussing the power of branding, Ben explains that brands communicate essential qualities about a business—such as its professionalism and attitude towards risk and innovation—through elements like name, colours, and language, which is why he prioritised strong branding from the very start. 

Ben acknowledges that while AI has been present in banking for some time, its use has been limited to advisory roles rather than decision-making due to heavy regulation and recent stricter rules, especially in Europe, that prevent AI from making autonomous financial decisions. He notes emerging opportunities in generative AI, such as conversational banking and personalised customer advice, indicating a cautious yet evolving adoption in the sector. 

Looking ahead, Plumery is set to launch new SME banking capabilities, addressing the needs of the sector that received less attention compared to consumer one.

Key moments

  • Branding, naming, and domain names. (0:05)
  • Domain names and their impact on businesses. (4:19)
  • Banking innovation and modernisation. (10:25)
  • AI adoption in banking, branding, and international reach. (16:12)

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