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European renewable-energy developer Sunfire raises $109 million
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What is Sunfire?

Sunfire is an electrolysis company.

What does Sunfire do?

Sunfire develops and manufactures renewable industrial gas and fuels generation systems. Alternatives to fossil fuels such as mineral oil and natural gas are being used to replace fossil fuels in existing infrastructure. The solid oxide cells used in the conversion process create electricity and heat.

Who owns Sunfire?

Based in the EU, the company was founded in 2010 by Carl Berninghausen, Christian Olshausen, and Nils Aldag.

How much has Sunfire raised?

Sunfire has completed its Series D funding round of $425 million.

Who has invested in Sunfire?

Inven Capital is one of the earliest investors in the company, while Lightrock, Planet First Partners led the latest round of funding, bringing the total number of backers to thirteen.

What domain name does Sunfire operate on?

The company is using the domain name is owned by an audio speakers manufacturer Sunfire-part Nortek Security & Control.

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