Ethical copywriting, email strategy, and how they can help your business with Yuval Ackerman

Today our guest is Yuval Ackerman. She is an ethical email copywriter and strategist who works both with brands and e-commerce businesses to sell more and better with their emails.

Discussing innovative technology, rebrand and creating a brand with purpose with Ken Kohlmann

In this episode, we talk with Ken Kohlmann, Vice President of Yarbo, an innovative technology company based in New York. Yarbo has recently been through a rebrand, it is also known as the world’s first autonomous snow removal robot. See what else is the Yarbo team up to and how they can make your life easier, on top of learning from their entrepreneurial trip.

Dave O'Connor on self-awareness, branding, coaching and entrepreneurship

Today our guest is Dave O’Connor. He’s had quite a dynamic career over the last 20 years, working in dining, psychology, politics, public relations, journalism, and startups. Today Dave runs Funbringer where he coaches individuals at a turning point in their career or purpose.

Daniel Greaves talks about B2B cold emails, prospecting, funding and bootstrapping a business in South Africa

Our guest today is Daniel Greaves. He founded a specialist cold email marketing business that is a mix of service and proprietary tech. 

Swapnil Puranik discusses how to create progressive brands

Today our guest is Swapnil Puranik, founder of Verb Your Brand. Swapnil and his team focus on helping businesses of all sizes to keep up with the pace of changing customer behavior.

Mary Harcourt, founder and CEO of CosmoGlo on entrepreneurship, COVID pivots and launching a product

Today we talk with Mary Harcourt, entrepreneur, speaker, founder and currently CEO of CosmoGlo Lighting.

Krutarth Shah helps inventors connect with investors

Our guest today is Krutarth Shah, founder and CEO of Avon River Ventures. He is an ex-Investment Banker who now helps Inventors connect with Investors.

HeyEveryone founders talk about SaaS, AI, investing, work and life balance and startup life

Today our guests are Nikita and Tina Blanc, entrepreneurs and partners in business and in life. We will talk about some of the startups they founded, their life journey, how their successful company was killed by Apple, their new venture, relocating a team on a short notice and much more.

Names with stories: The story behind Jolt Digital

In this interview, we talk with Jonathan Holt-Thomas, Founder of Jolt Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency, about the original source of inspiration for starting the company, what’s the meaning behind the brand name, and what’s next for Jolt Digital. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What did you do before you started your […]

Chykalophia co-founder Ari Krzyzek discusses building strong brands and online experiences

Chykalophia, founded by husband-and-wife team Peter and Ari Krzyzek, specializes in building strong brand pillars and online experiences. Ari is here to talk about her background, how she developed the concept for her brand, and how she keeps it consistent to this day.

Victoria Duben discusses her startup - Viewst, branding, naming and entrepreneurship

Victoria, founder of Viewst, an entrepreneur and former professional tennis player with a passion for science, spoke with us about the origins of the company, its mission, and future goals. The full interview is available in the video below.

Grant Powell talks about Web3 and how Curios can help everyone to mint and sell NFTs

Our new Names with stories interview features Grant Powell, an expert in developing some of the most innovative technologies and digital products, a real estate investor, and a numismatist. Grant is here to talk about one of his latest projects, Curios, a Web3 tool for every creator and business that wants to mint and sell […]

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