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French designer and manufacturer AYRO is rebranding as OceanWings and launching an expanded wingsail portfolio. This rebranding includes the acquisition of the Exact Brand Match (EBM) domain, a substantial upgrade from the previous .fr domain, aligning with the company’s global aspirations and streamlined brand communication.

OceanWings specialises in innovative wing sail solutions designed to meet the diverse cargo needs of ships of varying sizes and types. This evolution was highlighted during the Posidonia 2024 event in Athens, Greece, following a successful six-year phase that included designing, manufacturing, and commercialising fuel-saving technologies. Notably, the Canopée cargo ship, built by Dutch shipbuilding firm Neptune Marine and equipped with four OceanWings wing sails, marked a pivotal moment in this journey.

The newly designed OceanWings range includes semi-rigid and rigid models with a ‘two flap variable camber’ design, complete with wingsail base and boom. These models have a “safety-by-design” flag mode that activates automatically to protect the sails and vessel under harsh wind or sea conditions. The portfolio now offers enhanced configuration options, such as a tilt mechanism to meet air draft limits and an elevator mechanism tailored for container ships. This addresses port operation constraints while minimising the impact on container capacity. The rigid OceanWings models, crafted from durable composite materials similar to those used in wind turbine blades, boast improved resilience and a longer lifespan, benefiting from a globally established manufacturing infrastructure.

This rebranding and the shift to a more flexible, modular product design have been further supported by securing €19.2 million in Series B funding last year to advance the OceanWings initiative. 

Securing the EBM domain has been a key advantage for OceanWings, particularly valuable in the context of its rebranding efforts. The domain aligns perfectly with the company’s global ambitions, enhancing international reach and brand recognition. It clearly states that OceanWings is committed to long-term presence and growth in the industry.

AYRO rebrands to OceanWings

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