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Virtual Reality Startup Hikky Raised $57 Million
By Tsani Gramatikova access_time 1 min read

What is HIKKY and what does it do?

HIKKY is a virtual reality startup that also organizes the world’s largest VR event. HIKKY’s offerings include the Vket Series of virtual reality events, the browser-based virtual reality engine called Vket Cloud, which operates on smartphones and desktops, and open metaverse development using Vket Cloud, among other things.

Who founded HIKKY?

Yasushi Funakoshi.

How much has HIKKY raised?

HIKKY raised $57 million (6.5 billion yen) in the initial stage of their Series A funding round. 

Who has invested in HIKKY?


What domain name does HIKKY operate on?

HIKKY operates on the domain name. .life became a domain extension in May 2014 and was meant for interest groups. It has never really gained wide popularity.

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