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TurtleTree launches its first products in the U.S after raising $30 million
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What is TurtleTree Labs?

TurtleTree Labs is a biotechnology startup.

What does TurtleTree Labs do?

TurtleTree Labs has developed patent-protected technologies for producing full-composition and flavor milk using humanely selected dairy cow cells and simulating the natural process of milk production in the lab, resulting in milk that is free of pollution and wasteful use of water, energy, and land.

Who owns TurtleTree Labs?

The company was founded in 2019 by Fengru Lin and Max Rye, and is headquartered in Singapore.

How much has TurtleTree Labs raised?

TurtleTree Labs closed a $30 million Series A financing, which brings the company’s total raised to $39.4 million in funding over seven rounds. TurtleTree will use some of the funds towards the building of their new large-scale manufacturing facility in West Sacramento, California.

Who has invested in TurtleTree Labs?

A group of twelve investors is backing the company. VERSO Capital led the latest round with $20 million, taking board membership. Other notable investors are Green Monday Ventures and KBW Ventures.

What domain name does TurtleTree Labs operate on?

The company operates on the domain name They also own the name, and it redirects to their site.

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