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Telos Raises $8 Million Funding Before Evm Launch to Avoid Token Sales
By Arnaud PETIT access_time 1 min read

What Telos is and what does it do?

Telos is a blockchain platform. It qualifies itself as a mass adoption, open finance network.

Who founded Telos?

Justin Giudici is the most known co-founder of the startup.

How much has Telos raised?

$8M and that right before EVM launch in order to avoid token sales. As a part of the deal, the investors received 1.7% of the total TLOS token supply.

Who has invested in Telos?

As often with crypto startups, the identity of the investors remain unknown. The firm itself said that the funding was supported by a group of five prominent crypto investors. Quoting Telos’ chief architect Douglas Horn: « This deal resulted in the total sale of eight million TLOS tokens, with none of the investors exceeding two million tokens in holding. »

What domain name does Telos operate on?

The startup operates on, somewhat still popular with network operators and the advertising sector, the extension is often treated as an alternative to .com.

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