AR/VR Companies and Their Domain Name Choices

Securing a .com domain name is the preferred choice for companies looking to establish their online presence, with 240 out of 300 businesses on our list choosing this extension. Widely regarded as the most recognizable and trusted domain, .com can help businesses stand out online and build trust with potential customers. 

Martech Startups and Their Domain Name Choices

Overview Martech, also known as Marketing Technology, refers to the software and technology tools marketers use to achieve their goals by measuring marketing campaigns, optimizing and personalizing communications with customers, and maximizing sales. Such tools can be SEO tools, marketing platforms, CRMs, CDPs, DXPs, experience platforms, and others. With the commercialization of personalized location-based services […]

Femtech Israeli Startup Illumigyn Announces $33 Million in Funding and a Major Expansion

What is illumigyn? The world’s first remote gynecological imaging platform. What does illumigyn do? The Gynescope digitally documents the cervix, vagina, and external genitalia. Bringing doctors high-quality resolution and superior magnification enhance details beyond the capabilities of traditional cervix exams, enabling more accurate pap smears. Who owns illumigyn? The company was founded by Neve Ilan […]

Arizona-based Mosaic just raised $44 million in a Series B investment round

What is Mosaic? Mosaic is a technology-focused construction company. What does Mosaic do? The startup provides high-quality construction services to homebuilders, utilizing the power of computer science to make the process more efficient. Who owns Mosaic? Salman Ahmad and Sep Kamvar launched Mosaic in 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. How much has Mosaic raised? Mosaic just […]

Oslo-based Kebony closed a new $34 million funding round

Oslo-based Kebony closed a new $34 million funding round. Kebony is a wood modification technology company.

Poladrone is looking to expand to Indonesia after closing $4.29 million

Malaysia-based Poladrone is looking to expand to Indonesia after closing $4.29M seed round. Poladrone is a drone technology company.

Nigerian fintech Mono raised $15 million in Series A funding

Mono is an open banking technology company. The company has completed its Series A investment round of $15 million.

99 Fast-Growing Edtech Startups in 2021 and Their Domain Names

We analyzed 99 EdTech startups that skyrocketed in 2021 and their naming and domain name choices. Here are our findings.

India-based app Chalo secured $40 Series C Round

Chalo has secured a total of $47 million in five rounds of investment. The most recent Series C was raised on October 5, 2021.

PVcase landed €20 million in a Series A funding round

PVcase is a solar technology company providing modern engineering tools. The company landed €20 million in a Series A funding round.

French-based startup Paladin raised $2.6 million

Paladin is a decentralized technology startup. The French-based startup raised $2.6 million in a seed investment round.

Fintech Startups and Their Domain Names

The trend of Fintech taking over the startup space is still going strong, so we have gathered a list of 181 companies in the financial technology industry worth following. 

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