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Prosthetics and Bionics Companies and Their Domain Name Choices
By Monica Stankova access_time 10 min read

Prostheses have been part of human history for many years, but recent advancements have propelled them into a new era of functionality. The fields of prosthetics and bionics are now at the forefront of medical technology, bringing renewed hope and vastly improved capabilities to those with limb loss or physical impairments. While “prosthetics” and “bionics” are terms frequently used as if they’re synonymous, they actually represent different, though interconnected, areas within assistive technology. 

What Are Prosthetics?

The field of prosthetics encompasses the research, design, and creation of artificial limbs. Prosthetists craft these limbs using various materials such as acrylic resin, carbon fibre, silicone, thermoplastics, and metals like aluminium or titanium. For those desiring a more natural look, a skin-like covering can be applied. Each artificial limb is meticulously fitted by the prosthetist to the patient, ensuring comfort and proper functionality. Following this fitting, patients generally commence physical therapy to effectively adapt to and maximise the use of their new limb.

Prosthetic limbs are specifically engineered to substitute for lost arms or legs, typically due to trauma, disease, or congenital factors. Their main purpose is to replicate the fundamental functions of the missing limb. In contrast to more technologically advanced bionic limbs which operate via integrated systems, prosthetic limbs are designed to be operated by the user’s own body movements.

What are Bionics?

Bionics, on the other hand, goes a step further. It involves the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology. In the context of assistive devices, bionics refers to the integration of electronics, robotics, and mechanics into prosthetics, creating limbs and organs that mimic natural functionality more closely.

Bionic solutions for upper limbs encompass myoelectric prostheses, commonly called “bionic” hands. These prosthetic hands utilise sensors to capture electrical signals from the muscles in the residual limb. These signals are then converted into movements, enabling users to control their prosthetic hands through their own muscle contractions. Such advanced control facilitates more precise and lifelike movements.

3D Printing in Prosthetics

3D printing technology enables the fast and efficient production of tailor-made prosthetic limbs perfectly suited to the individual’s specific needs. This accelerates the creation process and makes advanced prosthetic solutions more affordable and accessible, benefitting a broader spectrum of users.

Exploring Naming and Domain Strategies of Prosthetic and Bionic Companies

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the top prosthetics and bionics companies, focusing particularly on their strategic approaches to naming and domain selection. Our aim is to unravel how these companies have skillfully shaped their brand identities and secured a strong online presence in a competitive market. 



Hanger, Inc. is a leading national provider of products and services designed to enhance or restore the physical capabilities of patients with disabilities or injuries. The company’s offerings span a wide range, including O&P (Orthotic and Prosthetic)  services, distribution of devices and components, management of O&P networks, and the delivery of therapeutic solutions in various healthcare settings.

Operating through two main segments, Patient Care and Products & Services, Hanger, Inc. is particularly renowned for its Patient Care division, under which the Hanger Clinic operates. With more than 900 locations nationwide, Hanger Clinic specialises in the design, fabrication, and delivery of custom O&P devices.

The roots of Hanger, Inc. date back to 1861 when James Edward Hanger, the first documented amputee of the American Civil War, founded the company originally named Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. The personal transformation Hanger experienced after his limb loss inspired him to dedicate his life to helping others with similar experiences. 

In 2012, Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. rebranded to Hanger, Inc., and concurrently, the core patient care business transitioned from Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics to Hanger Clinic. This rebrand reflected the company’s evolution and expanding scope. 

Hanger has grown and evolved over the years from solely an orthotic and prosthetic patient care company to one of the leading clinical authorities in the provision of integrated rehabilitative solutions with a full range of services and products. When you consider our continuing disciplined diversification strategy, our former company name was limiting. Having just celebrated our 150th anniversary, the timing is right to position the company for the future, while continuing to emphasize the innovative legacy of our namesake, Mr. James Edward Hanger, the first amputee of the American Civil War.

Vinit K. Asar, President and CEO of Hanger (2012 archive)

Hanger owns the exact brand match domains and, emphasising its commitment to a strong online presence. The company’s naming strategy, derived from its founder, reflects a wider trend in business branding. Utilising a personal name as a brand, as seen in some of the most well-known and established brands, offers multiple benefits. It establishes trust, forges a personal connection with customers, and endows the brand with unique character and authenticity.

Open Bionics

Based in the UK, Open Bionics specialises in developing affordable, 3D-printed bionic arms for individuals with below-elbow amputations. Their notable product, Hero Arm, is an innovative and lightweight bionic arm featuring multi-grip functionality. The company was founded by Joel Gibbard and Samantha Payne in 2014.

Current upper limb prostheses exist as hooks, grippers, or expensive bionic hands. We’re on a mission to make beautiful bionic limbs more accessible.

Open Bionics

In 2015, Open Bionics announced a partnership with Disney. This collaboration led to the development of superhero-themed prosthetic arms for young amputees. Offering designs from beloved franchises such as Disney’s Frozen and Iron Man, Open Bionics turned what could be seen as a medical device into a source of joy for its wearers.

In 2019,  20th Century Fox and James Cameron teamed up with Open Bionics to create a pair of Alita-inspired bionic Hero Arms for Tilly Lockey, a 13-year-old double amputee. They surprised Tilly with these innovative Hero Arms just before the global premiere of “Alita: Battle Angel” in London. 

In 2023, Open Bionics also partnered with the Ukrainian charity Superhumans Center to equip Ukrainian soldiers with bionic Hero Arms amidst the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The company operates under the domain name This decision enhances the company’s online presence, amplifying its visibility and marketing across various channels. By opting for a .com domain, Open Bionics capitalises on the domain’s global appeal and credibility and ensures that its innovative solutions are easily accessible to a worldwide audience.


Össur is an Iceland-based company focused on improving people’s mobility through the delivery of prostheses, bracing, and supports, and accompanying patient care with a mission to help people live a life without limitations.

Founded in 1971, the company is named after its founder, Össur Kristinsson, an Icelandic prosthetist who developed the innovative Iceross® liner, a silicone interface for prosthetic sockets. As an amputee himself, Kristinsson’s personal experiences and entrepreneurial drive fueled his innovations. Continuing this legacy, Össur has since expanded its portfolio with a variety of transformative products. The company’s investments in research and development have led to more than 2,100 patents, award-winning designs, effective clinical results, and a solid standing in the market.

At Össur, a passionate commitment to improving people’s mobility driven by innovation and patient outcomes has been at the core of our success.


Össur ensures its global accessibility with its website, found at the exact brand match domain, This decision secures their online brand and makes it easy for customers, partners, and investors to find and connect with them.


Myomo, standing for “my own motion,” is a medical myoelectric company dedicated to enhancing mobility for those affected by neurological disorders and upper-limb paralysis. 

The company is renowned for developing the MyoPro® product line, a series of powered arm and hand orthoses (braces) designed to restore function to paralysed or weakened upper limbs. These innovative braces enable individuals to perform daily activities and actions that would otherwise be challenging or impossible. In addition to aiding in daily activities, MyoPro plays a crucial role in rehabilitation by assisting in muscle re-education and helping to increase the range of motion for its wearers.  

At Myomo, we are driven by a mission to enable independence and confidence for stroke survivors as well as those living with ALS, MS, and other neurological disorders. Our teams continue to break through barriers, defining the limits of what is possible in both medical device robotics and our global system of care.


Myomo has invested in two key domain names: and This decision strengthens their online brand presence and ensures their innovative products are easily accessible and visible. A good domain strategy is crucial for enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement, as well as for providing seamless access to the company’s services. 


Founded in 2017 by Simon Pollard, COVVI, based in Leeds, specialises in designing and manufacturing bionic hands, targeting the needs of patients who have undergone hand amputations or those born with congenital upper limb deficiencies.

Our mission was to design and create the number one bionic hand in the world, to achieve this, we had to ensure our designs were world-leading in their capability, personalised to every user, and able to withstand the strength and speed pressures required of a hand for everyday life.

Simon Pollard, CEO of COVVI for The Yorkshire Post

COVVI’s name uniquely combines the Latin words ‘Coperor’ and ‘Vita,’ meaning ‘working together’ and ‘life,’ respectively. The double ‘v’ in the name symbolises the numerous lives that the company aims to impact.

COVVI was conceived to change many lives by working together – within our team and partners, with clinicians worldwide, and with our users. Our name was formulated with great thought in order to reflect our single driving intention of working together and with others so we can change lives.


The company operates on the domain name; it perfectly matches its brand name, and the .com extension is what visitors intuitively lean towards when typing a web address.


Opting for a .com domain remains the predominant choice for businesses seeking a robust online presence, evidenced by 65 out of 70 companies on our list embracing this extension. The .com domain’s widespread reputation as the most trustworthy and authoritative option plays a crucial role in helping businesses foster trust and credibility among their audiences.

Prosthetics and Bionics Companies and Their Domain Name Choices

49 of these companies have gone a step further by securing exact brand match .com domain names. This strategic choice is key in enhancing online trust and credibility, fundamental elements for forging enduring customer relationships and achieving a competitive edge. 

Prosthetics and Bionics Companies and Their Domain Name Choices

1 company uses a dash in its domain name, which can make the domain name harder to remember and create confusion.

Prosthetics and Bionics Companies and Their Domain Name Choices
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domain company EBM

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